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Smile-Worthy Opportunity: Alien Milling's New Influencer Program for Dental Professionals

Alien Milling Technologies has recently launched a social media influencer program aimed at professionals in the dental industry. Participants in this program can offer their followers special discounts on products from, while earning a commission on each purchase made through their referral link within 30 days. Eligible influencers can apply to join and benefit from commissions, additional rewards, and marketing opportunities. The program emphasizes compliance with legal standards and a positive representation of the brand. For a detailed overview of the program and its terms, you can visit the official page.

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Alien Milling Technologies Clinches CTE Award from Los Angeles City College

Big news from the world of dental tech! Alien Milling Technologies has just been honored with a prestigious Career Technical Education (CTE) Award from Los Angeles City College. This accolade recognizes our leadership and innovative contributions to the dental technology industry. The award ceremony was a memorable event, held at the iconic Sofi Stadium on April 17th, 2024. It was a proud moment for our team, especially for our CEO, Saro Hatzakortzian, who had the honor of receiving the award on behalf of Alien Milling. Saro’s leadership has been pivotal in steering our company to new heights, continually pushing the...

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Alien Milling Technologies Expands Offering with S.I.N. Screws from SIN 360

Alien Milling Technologies, known for its innovative solutions in dental milling, is now broadening its product range with the introduction of S.I.N. Screws from SIN 360. Specifically, the addition of SIN PRH 30 screws marks a significant enhancement to their inventory, catering to a diverse range of dental restoration needs. The SIN PRH 30 screws are notable for their precision and reliability, making them an ideal choice for dental professionals looking to optimize their restorative procedures. These screws are available for purchase individually, allowing for flexibility in quantity and application depending on specific project needs. In addition to individual sales,...

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How Alien Milling's Full Arches Have Transformed into a Paradigm of Customization

In the dynamic world of dental prosthetics, staying ahead with technological advancements and enhanced service offerings is key. Alien Milling Technologies has embraced this ethos with significant updates to their Full Arch Hybrid Implant Zirconia offerings, making these solutions more customizable and versatile than ever. Here’s a deep dive into how these changes are setting new standards in the industry.   Expanded Material Choices A standout feature in the recent updates is the expansion of material options. Alien Milling now offers Full Arches in six different materials, catering to diverse needs and preferences. This variety ensures that labs can select the...

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Alien Ai Designs featured in LMT April 2024 Magazine

In a fascinating update for tech and design enthusiasts, LMT Magazine has recently featured an article on Instant Alien AI Designs available on This innovative platform leverages artificial intelligence to create unique and swift designs for dental milling, showcasing the integration of AI in specialized manufacturing. The coverage highlights the cutting-edge technology's potential to revolutionize industry standards and improve production efficiency. Read Full Article Here

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